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If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please send us an email using the "Feedback" button on your dashboard inside the Plag app.

What happens when I swipe up?

When you swipe up, the card you see will be spread to a number of users near you.

What happens when I swipe down?

When you swipe down, the card you see will not be spread any further from your device.

I didn’t want to swipe that up/down. What do I do now?

Shake your phone. No, seriously. Just shake your phone.

How can I change my username?

Tap on the head symbol on the upper left margin of your statistics screen to view your profile. Then tap “Edit”.

Can I get a verified account?

For now, you need to be a staff member to get a verified account.

I want to post something. How do I go about it?

If you’re on iOS: Tap the icon that looks like a notepad in the upper right corner of your screen. If you’re on Android: Tap the + sign in the lower right corner of your screen. You can write something, post a picture or a video or create a poll. Just tap the corresponding icon.

How can I extract pictures and text from an article I found on the internet?

Just copy the link from your browser. Now, when you create a new card, this link will appear at the bottom of your screen. Tap to insert it. You will then see a blue button that says "Extract summary". Tap it to create a folded card with text and pictures. You can, of course, edit every part of the folded card. Swipe left to add additional content.

What is a folded card and how can I create one?

A folded card is a stack of up to ten connected cards that can be unfolded with a swipe and viewed card by card. Create the first card like you usually do, then swipe left. A new card will open. Add text, a picture, a link, a poll or a video. You can edit each card individually.

I didn’t want to post this. How can I delete my card?

Tap on the three dot symbol on the upper margin of your card and choose the option “Delete post”.

What happens to expired posts?

Expired posts stop spreading and are archived on Plag servers. However, it is still possible to comment on them. As long as the discussion is still alive, cards you subscribed to will show up in your “Latest comments” section.

How do I reply directly to a comment?

Put your finger on the comment you want to reply to. Swipe to the left to see the comment menu. Tap “Reply”.

Can I edit my comments?

You can, until some minutes after posting. Just put your finger on the comment you want to edit. Swipe to the left to see the comment menu. Tap “Edit”.

I want to post a video on Plag. How big can the file be?

You can post videos as big as 10 MB.

What is the infection index?

The infection index reflects how many users your cards spread to. It is based on the performance of your own content and the content you spread.

My cards are supposed to be spread to the users closest to me. Sometimes, however, the first user to see a card is pretty far away. What’s up with that?

Where a card spreads depends on the user’s location and a number of additional factors. Some of our users are not logged in frequently, some of them already have a lot of cards waiting for a decision. Also, we want to allow your content to spread at optimum speed. That’s why sometimes the first users you infect can be quite far from you.

It says here that each of my cards spreads to 23 people. But some of them still only have two views. Why?

When you post or spread a card, it’s assigned to a number of users. We can’t be sure that the card will be viewed by every single one of these users – some of them do not use the app frequently, some of them already have a lot of assigned cards and yours is at the end of their queue.

Do the spreading algorithms ever change?

We are tweaking the spreading algorithms right now. Don’t be surprised.

What are areas?

There are two different kinds of areas: topical areas and geographical areas. A topical area is a smaller network inside of Plag. It has no geographical boundaries but is dedicated to a specific topic. Topical areas are created and run by users. Read more here. A geographical area is created by geo-fencing. It allows you to spread and receive content locally. In every other aspect, it works just like the global Plag network. Read more here here.

How do I join an area?

On your dashboard, you can find a catalogue of all available topical areas. To join, tap the ones you like. To join a geographical area, you must physically enter it and open Plag. After that, you can access it from anywhere.

How do I post to a certain area?

In the middle of the top column of your compose screen, there’s a drop down menu. Tap it to see all your areas and choose the one you want to post to.

Can you set up an area for my city, university, local newspaper or festival?

Yes, we can! If you are sure that user density in that area is high enough or know how to increase it, write to us at

I want to create a topical area. How do I do it?

On your dashboard, right below your infection index, there is a section labeled “Curation”. Tap “Create new area”. But before you start, be sure to read the Area Management FAQ.

What are the rules of Plag?

You can find our Terms of Service here.

What is the best way to use Plag?

Everyone should post and spread what they feel the world should see. But keep in mind that the community of Plag is diverse and very international. It’s our duty to make Plag a comfortable and fun experience for all users. For more information, see this blog post.

I find that card offensive. What can I do to get it removed?

Tap on the three dot symbol and choose the option “Flag content and report user”. Every report is reviewed by a real person. If the card violates our terms of service, it will be removed.

I find that comment offensive. What can I do to get it removed?

Put your finger on the comment and swipe left. Choose “Flag”. The comment is then reviewed by a real person. If it violates the Terms of Service, it will be removed.

Can I block other users?

We do not plan to implement blocking. But you can flag all cards you find unacceptable and report their authors.

I flagged a card or comment by accident. What do I do now?

Nothing. Every flag is reviewed by a human. If the flagged content doesn’t violate the Terms of Service, it will not be removed.

What happens if someone breaks the rules?

Users can be warned, temporarily restricted or permanently banned. Which measures are taken depends on the severity and the frequency of the violations.

What is a restriction?

If a user posts content that doesn’t comply with the Terms of Service, they can be restricted from posting for a certain time. During that time they can still view and comment on other people’s cards. If a user’s comments violate the Terms of Service, they can be temporarily restricted from commenting. During this time, they can still view other people’s cards and post their own.

What is a ban?

There are certain behaviours that instantly and forever disqualify people from using Plag: If someone posts child porn, for instance, they will get banned right away and irrevocably. If a user breaks the rules repeatedly despite multiple warnings and restrictions, they will get banned as well. Banned users can’t log into Plag at all.

I have been banned, I want to appeal.

Please write to

There are some swell pictures on Plag. I’d like to be able to zoom in. Will you add a zoom?

We do not plan to implement a zoom function since it would greatly increase both upload and download time.

Is there a desktop version of Plag?

We are working on a desktop version with a somewhat limited functionality. To comment, view the statistics of a card or share it on social networks, you will still need your phone.

How do I report a problem?

Tap on the gear wheel symbol to view the settings. Choose “Send email”. Especially if it is a technological problem, this is the best solution. But you can also simply send an email to

Is there an API available?

Not yet.

Is there a version of Plag available for Windows phones?

We aim to provide Plag at for every major operating system. Right now, we concentrate on iOS and Android.

I would like to help you improve Plag. How can I become a beta-tester?

If you’re using Plag on Android, please join this Google+ Community and follow these instructions to become a beta-tester. You will get access to the latest version of Plag before it becomes available for the general public. If you’re using Plag on iOS and you want to become a beta-tester, please write to

Sometimes Plag talks to me. What’s up with that?

Plag has its own voice. It welcomes new users and shows them how to use the app. Sometimes it has news for you. It reacts to what you do and helps you out when it thinks you need support. It might, on occasion, express its opinion on your posts and comments. Read more here

I want to promote Plag. Where can I find graphics to make my own promo material?

You can find the logo and other graphic elements in this design kit. And here are some promotion ideas and materials created by Plag users.

I want to write an article about Plag. Where can I find information?

The basic information is in this press kit. To learn more about Plag, look around on this page or read our blog. To get an interview, just write to us at

Can I get Plag promo material to hand out at my school/workplace/community?

Yes, you can. Write to Elena at Tell her about your plans and don’t forget to include your address.

Is there Plag merchandise?

Yes, there is. You can get T-shirts in a variety of designs at our Threadless store. If you’re in Europe, you want to order from Spreadshirt instead to avoid additional VAT.

How do you make money off this app?

We don’t. It is too early to think about monetisation. At the moment, we are concentrating on growth and improving user experience.

In some users’ profiles it says “Plag Legion veteran” – what’s up with that?

The Plag legion was a group of users who helped develop and popularize the app. Since we found a more direct way to involve our users in the development of the app, the Legion was discontinued.

I speak English and one or more other languages. Can I help you with translating Plag?

If you want to help with translation (even if you just found a mistake and want it corrected), please write to Elena at