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New area guidelines
Please create areas about topics you really care about. It will be your responsibility to develop and curate it, and sometimes that can be time-consuming.

Choose a clearly defined topic.

– areas of knowledge (e.g. Military Strategies, Social Psychology, Astrophysics);
– culture (e.g. Street Art, A World of Ice and Fire, Dystopian Video Games, Improv Acting);
– leisure activities (e.g. Creative Writing, Scuba Diving, Upcycling, Geocaching);
– debate fodder (e.g. US Elections, Climate Change, Capitalism);
– other interesting and fun stuff that comes to mind (e.g. Oddly Satisfying, Explain Like I Am Five).

– Areas created solely for the purpose of chatting with friends. There are chat cards and other platforms for that.
– Areas that already exist. Please have a look into the catalog before you create an area.
– Areas that encourage hate.
– Areas with very broad or very narrow topics. "Sports" would be too broad, "Figure skating in North Korea during the late Seventies" too specific.
– Geographical areas. If you want an area for a certain city, please contact us at
– Test areas.