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How it works

Plag** is an instrument to communicate with the whole world. No friending, no following: hundreds of thousands of people are already in. People from Argentina and New Zealand, Italy and China, Egypt and even Antarctica can see your posts and talk to you.

Your content spreads to the nearest users like a virus. Every infected user can exponentially spread the information further. Or they can resist the epidemic by keeping the information to themselves.

You decide: spread or skip. This decision is essentially different from the choice to like or dislike, upvote or downvote – you spread what you want the world to see.

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With geofencing, it is possible to create local Plag** networks, secluded areas inside the global Plag**. Posts that are only meant and interesting for locals bounce back from the borders and spread inside the area you selected — a fun and effective way to communicate.
If you would like us to set up geofencing for your university, county, fair, festival or any other region or event, and can help us to reach a local audience, please contact us via

Every single user decides what is good, interesting, relevant. Together, we create a network for information that anyone can access. Eventually, any post can spread to the entire world.

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Here, you can see where and how exactly your post was spread in real time, how many people have seen it, how many of them passed it on, and when it gained momentum.
Read more about the statistics in our FAQ.


That’s what we call the posts. You can send text, photos, videos or links. Every card has its own comment section, and as it is passed back and forth between continents, it spawns international discussions.